Billet décevant

February 8, 2006

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Moi :


I live in Paris and, every day, I take the subway. And every day I see your adverts for the Age Wash Jeans. At almost each and every station.
And I wonder who the model who wears the stripped hooded sweater can be. I'm sure I saw her somewhere (on a show ? on another ad ?) and I'm pretty sure she's well-known (though all my friends say they see her for the first time...).

So if you could help me find this woman name (the Internet can help me when I get the name), I'll be grateful to you for years and I'll continue to buy Gap clothes (It is not really a big promise since 70% or so of my wardrobe is Gap)

Julien Zamor

Eux :

Dear Mr. Zamor,

Thanks for your message and query about the model featured in our Age Wash Jeans advertising. Unfortunately, our agreement with the producers and the talent prohibits us from releasing any personal information about them. We're sorry to disappoint you, but we hope you'll understand.

Thanks again for your interest and for writing.


Customer Service Consultant