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My name is Julien Zamor.
On the Internet I'm known as @smwhr.

By day, I'm the CTO of cit.io improving cities one bus line at a time. But you may know me from TroisYaourts, the company I founded and ran from 2014 to 2021 where I used to be the Technical and Creative Director.

By night, I used to watch loads of movies and I've been making silly, short games, be them narrative, lo-fi or conceptual since 1999.

In between, I take care of my two lovely little boys.

You can find me on twitter, itch.io, github, instagram, linkedin, mastodon, cohost, last.fm, browse my resume and below are the blogposts (in french) I've written since 2003.

French • Millenial • he/him • Paris

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