Life Is A Point&Click Adventure

November 10, 2006

(Disclaimer : Any ressemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental. oR nOt.)

Let suppose that our main character is a detective and, as such, is poor and lives in a very small appartment somewhere in the Upper West Side. One days, he looses his hat because of the wind.
But he can't be a real detective if he doesn't have a fedora hat on his head each time he goes outside. So he decides he has to buy a hat. After a while wandering around the shops of the city to find the fedora of his dreams at a right price, he figures out that he only has $35 on him where the hat costs $40.

There's that girl, say her name is Liz, who lives upstair of his studioffice and is fondly in love with him. But she is a little broke too at the moment, so she can only give him $4. Our detective goes back to the store, but before beginning the bargaining with the seller to get $1 off, he wants to be sure he choses the right hat. In the store, Hannah, an old friend of him, happens to be there, but when he confesses that he has no real taste in clothing, she says she can't help him and leaves without any other word.

Our detective is sad and hungry, so he has to go to the restaurant to buy some food and he is now at his starting point, or even worse since he now owns only $15 and owes $4 to the girl who loves him. He doen't really care for those $4 at the moment : if she's in love, he can take the loan as a pure gift. He knows it's bad, but who cares ?

Because he has nothing else to do, he decides to listen to radio and discovers a new show. By the time, he gets hungry and Liz decides to invite him to some swanky restaurant midtown. He eats well, but instead of responding to the advances of the poor Liz, he acts as a jerk, commenting on every pretty girls they meet on the street as they walk home. From Liz, he learns that, Rebecca Priestley, the daughter of some editor in chief of a famous fashion magazine lives in the same block as them. But she doesn't know in exactly which building. Our detective then thinks that this girl can help him choose his hat.

The next day, he hears that one of the girl who hosts the radio show he discovered earlier, Marina, went to the same retaurant and contrary to our hero, found the food to be the most horrifc thing she has ever seen (her eyes, tongue and nose were actually bleeding when she was presented her meal), so he decides to contact her, and they agree to meet the next time she'll be on air. In the studio, when our detective suggests to play a song entitled "I have found the girl of my dream", Marina wants to know if it is actually true for him, that he has found the girl of his dreams. He answers that Rebecca Priestley is that one. And like a miracle, he learns that Marina and Rebecca are actually best friends and live in the same apartment.

(To be continued)