That part was true

January 24, 2009

edit : Transcript, volé chez Scott King

“Okay. See we did crash. It was on this crazy island. We waited for rescue, but there wasn’t any rescue. And then there was a smoke monster and these other people on the island. We call them the Others. And they started attacking us. And we found some hatches. And there was a button you had to push every 108 minutes or…Well, I was never really clear on that. But the Others didn’t have anything to do with the hatches, that was the Dharma Initiative. They were all dead, the Others killed them. And then they were trying to kill us. And then we teamed up with the Others because worse people were coming on a freighter. Desmond’s girlfriend’s father sent them to kill us. So we stole their helicopter and we flew to their freighter, but it blew up and we couldn’t go back to the island because it disappeared. So then we crashed into the ocean and we floated there for awhile until a boat came and picked us up. By then there was six of us. That part was true.”