12 of 12 : May near Paris

May 12, 2006

Every month, Chad Darnell The Great organises the "12 of 12" and since today I got a camera, I take part in the event ! My usual french readers who don't understand english should learn it. Quickly.

[Réveil](/images/12 of 12 May/reveil.jpg) The Classical 12 of 12 Alarm Clock : 6:42, time to think about waking up... Anyway... I can sleep till 7:20... But, wait, it's May the 12th, I have to take a pic of that !

[Rue](/images/12 of 12 May/rue.jpg) Crossing the street. The sky is wonderful today... Hope it will stay like that all the afternoon. This shot was not actually supposed to show the sky, but the street and my legs. As you can see, I miserably failed.

[Jussieu](/images/12 of 12 May/jussieu.jpg) A first sight, you'd think that I took that in some basement... No, it's on third floor of my university. Yeah, that's what french university looks like. Scary, isn't it ? Got a two hour course of Probability and skipped Logic (I know, I'm a bad boy).

[Seine](/images/12 of 12 May/seine.jpg)Back home in train. The Seine and in the back the business district of La Défense. You can see my reflection in the window. A women left Le Monde on her seat, but a man took it before me...

[Cuisine](/images/12 of 12 May/cuisine.jpg) Yes, that's true, I'm cooking. A chesse ham & egg crêpe.

[Véronica Mars](/images/12 of 12 May/veronica.jpg) My friday afternoon pleasure : Veronica Mars. That's the Season Finale aired on Tuesday but due to the download-lag, I can see it only now. Actually, I had it ready yesterday night, but I prefered watch Alias 5.14.

[Calcul Différentiel](/images/12 of 12 May/exam.jpg) Some make-up revisions for my mid-term exams in Differential Calculus tomorrow morning...

[La Recherche](/images/12 of 12 May/recherche.jpg) One of the hardest thing in a student life is to find an occupation for each and every hour of free time you have. But you have to choose activities that don't consume much time and can be accomplished in one single day. Reading magazines meets the requirements.

[Yaourt](/images/12 of 12 May/yaourt.jpg) Or eating yoghurts. That one is the third of the day.

[Le monde des A](/images/12 of 12 May/mondea.jpg) The urgent need to find the book "The World Of A" to verify if the symbol over the A is a bar (-) or a tilda (~). That pic is the proof my friend needed. It was obvious for me since that symbol means "no" in logic language and that sci-fi book IS about Logic. But I had to search the three bookshelves (all approximatively the same size as the one pictured here) to finally find it under the bedside table of my parents...

[Rue la nuit](/images/12 of 12 May/nuit.jpg) After a dinner at my grandparent's (forgot the camera at home... anyway, I wouldn't have take picture of it), talking about politics and attempting to make the women understand some basic facts of economics, I'm back home. It's 11 and the sky is now dark. And still clear. Wish it will stay like that tomorrow too. I always work better if the weather is good.

[Le monde des A](/images/12 of 12 May/dormir.jpg) I spent the last 20 minutes trying to photograph myself at the light of the computer screen (without flash) and playing with The Gimp to make it viewable. The camera is not mine, but my grand-mother can be proud of it.

Looking at this post and at the pictures...
Actually, the thumb I made for each shot seems way more classy and interesting than the photographs itselves (don't mention the texts).
I repeat that this great idea of "12 of 12" is not mine, but a one among all brilliant ideas of Chad Darnell. Read his blog, there can be some cool stuffs in it, sometimes !

note : if you post comments in english, they are likely to be put in my moderation list. You'll probably have to wait tomorrow morning to see them online.